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The Canada Nevada Business Council membership philosophy assures each member the ability to engage with decision makers in different fields on both sides of the border.

Membership Inquiries
If you are an engaged industry player, we welcome you to contact us and inquire about membership. Businesses are being considered now for membership.

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Trade between Canada and Nevada

Nevada Exports to Canada

Nevada exports $1.3 billion in goods to Canada. The largest percentage of goods are minerals and metals making up 41% of exports.

Nevada imports from Canada

Nevada Imports $814 million in goods from Canada. The largest percentage of goods from Canada are equipment and machinery making up 20%.

Canada Nevada Trading Facts
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Connecting Businesses in Canada and Nevada

Our connections in the public and private sectors, of both Canada and Nevada, provide our members with opportunities to connect with other businesses and potential clients at the decision making level.

We Facilitate Opportunities for Bilateral Trade between Canada and Nevada

Our purpose is to stimulate trade between the State of Nevada and Canada. Our members include Barrick Gold, Cirque du Soleil, Ahern Rentals, Dura•21, Navegante, United Development Solutions, Las Vegas Color Graphics, Thompson National Properties, C&S Waste Solutions, Robertson Bright Inc., and Opportunity Realty.

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